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Leeds International School got Fit India

Proud to announce that Leeds International School, Parsa, Patna has been awarded with FIT India Certificate.

A glimpse of our FIT India campaign…

Children's Day

Children’s Day is one of the most awaited days for all children. They look forward for a pleasing celebration and surprising gifts. This was absolutely fulfilled in the children’s Day celebration at Leeds International School, on 14 Nov., 2019.

The day started with a special assembly conducted by the teachers. They sang songs for students. It was followed by a skit on how students can make their life better.

The Principal Sir addressed the students and gave his blessings to students encouraging then to be more dedicated in shaping their life.

After the assembly, the students went to their classes and became very happy seeing their classrooms decorated beautifully by the teachers. Every class was allotted two periods for games.

Together the school played passing the parcels and students were given half an hour to dance on their favourite numbers. Their smile widened when they enjoyed the tasty lunch provided by the school. At last each student was given gifts. The shine in their eyes and smiles on their faces showed how joyfully they enjoyed the day.

Rangoli Competition

This event was conducted between all the classes and houses. The students showed their immense talent in form of rangoli making. They decorated their classes and venues beautifully. Our arts teacher Ms. Deep Shikha examined all the art works and after discussion with Principal Sir the result was declared.

There were two groups juniors standard I to IV and seniours standard V to X.

Results were :

S.No Standard Class
1 Std I to IV 1st Standard IV
2 2nd Standard III
3 3rd Standard II
S.No Standard Class
1 Std V to X 1st Standard VI
2 2nd Standard VIII
3 3rd Standard V


  • 1st Einstein House
  • 2nd Raman House
  • 3rd Newton House
  • 4th Bose House

Dainik Jagran Dandiya Inter School Competition

This competition was organized by the renowned newspaper “Dainik Jagaran”. The students from senior classes participated in this programme. It was a grand event in which 16 schools of Patna participated. The girls represented Dandiya. This took place at Patna Club.

Our school won the award of Best Body Language. It was nice to see that the judges were highly impressed by our students performance which was backed up by lord applauses from the audiences.

40th Inter School Folk Dance Competition

The competition took place on 18th October 2019 in Bapu Sabhagar Patna. It was organized by The Rotary Club, Patna. The competition was held in three levels.

First level was junior folk dance competition, in which Bihari folk “Jat – Jatini” was performed by our junior students. The second level was of senior folk dance in which the senior students presented Dandiya.

The third level was thematic dance which was performed by a combined group of seniors and juniors in which they showed how India has moved on from its independence to the present day.

They showed the changes in India that has given rise to a new beginning in all spheres. The judges highly appreciated the performance costumes and body language.


Teacher's Day

This was an amazing and wonderful showed celebration organized in the school auditorium. The students paid their love and respect for the teachers in their own different ways.

After the celebration by each class separately, special arrangements were done by senior students of the school.

A beautiful dance performance was given by students of standard four the. Akanksha of standard IX recited a poem dedicated to subject teachers.

After this there was badge distribution for teachers. The teachers were given special titles by the students. After this a game was organized by students for the teachers.

A lot of enjoyment was there. At last the teachers had their lunch organized by the students. It was an exciting day.

Janamasthami Celebration

The birth of Lord Krishna was celebrated by all in the school premises with great enthusiasm. Students presented a devotional song. A skit showing the events of Lord Krishna’s life was performed by the students of different classes. Girls performed a dance.

All the performances were marvelous. The kids of primary classes gave a fantastic dance performance. Principal Sir gave a speech after all the performances, done by the senior students. He made understand about the teachings from Lord Krishna’s life.

It was a fantastic and exciting day.


Independence Day

The event was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm, in the school premises. A very good presentation of art was witnessed. Honorable Chairman Sir hoisted the national flag. National Anthem was sung by the choir group along with all the people present there. After this, a mesmerizing patriotic song was presented by senior girls. Then the boys of std IXth gave a fantastic dance performance. Afterwards, Honorable Chairman Sir and then Principal Sir gave inspiring speeches. They told us the importantce of independence day and our duties. The girls of senior classes gave a dance performance. The programme concluded with an enthusiastic speech by Shreya of std Vth . The sweets were distributed among all.

Shravan Mahotsava

This festive event was organised in the school premises. There was an awesome decoration done by the arts teacher. The programme was organized during the assembly. It was a beautiful picture as everything and everybody was in green. The assembly started with a song. There was speech on the importance and significance of ‘Shravan’. A small skit was presented by the students of std Xth on the importance of water. Our honorable Principal Sir gave a speech and made all of us understand the importance of water and Shravan. After the assembly, Hawan was held for the welfare of the school students and societu. It purified the whole environment. After this, sweets were distributed among all the teachers, students and staffs.

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